Lazy afternoons and a long drive through Europe.. 

.. So Green, the Downs Area of Bristol. Recently mown grass, a slightly noisey road and the rustle of the chestnut trees are the smells and sounds of our afternoon. A good time to download I guess, to take stock.. Revisit our European adventure and look forward to the promises ahead on our new journey.


I was a bit paranoid about taking the van on such a long trip (by British standards).. Although  only 4 years old the van has covered a little over 200k miles and I was a bit edgy about its ability to takes us safely into Denmark and beyond. I decided to take out a pretty comprehensive breakdown cover with RAC, which of course we didn’t need but it’s great peace of mind. The van (Homer) behaved with immense dignity and can now be officially designated ‘reliable’ in my book. Pretty effortless to drive on long stretches.. The longest being 9hours between brussels and hamburg.. 9hours!..whenndid Europe get so flippin big??.. Especially Germany.. Who knew.. (prob the Germans).


Kisdorf Feld


was our overnight stop after our day visit to the Hergé Museum just outside Brussels.. This is a proper Museum, well thought out and utterly drool inducing for those of us brought up on Tintin. Highly recommended. Casper (aged 2 and a bit) was fascinated from the moment we got there..



It was a pretty emotional visit for me.. Felt a bit teary in a nostalgic kinda way, realising that so much of what I feel about what is right and good about human comes from.. Well, Tintin!.. What a hero and I’m so chuffed that Casper gets it too at such an early age. We bout a model of the Moon rocket from ‘Explorers on the Moon’ and he loved it.. And he’s hooked on the dvd box set we had too.. Sooper!

Hamburg and beyond

Word On The autobahn was that the ring road around Hamburg was a nightmare, so we drove 9 hours through the enormous lump that is Germany, to try and get through the endless roadworks we later encountered, passing Hamburg and it’s vast container port in the late evening around 11pm, ultimately stopping at an  autohof (place to stop and rest/sleep) before setting off for the Danish border the following day.

Coming Soon.. Denmark and beyond!.. And the nicest beach sunset ever.. Possibly.

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