Saturday 19/8/17

img_0023Today we met our neighbors. Three other vans around us on the Downs. Shortly after meeting them, we decided to move the van. But not because of them, we had talked about it before we met them. Might be nicer to have the door open straight out to the grass so Casper doesn’t have to cross the road first.

We were in front of the green one.

We also went via the house briefly to check our mail, and collected jam.
Jonny wanted to make jam, so we collected free wild blackberries when we saw some.

In the mail was the Homer sticker we had ordered from Germany (or was it Denmark?). But it finally arrived and now it’s on the van. Wanna see?

It’s quite apt: he’s not carrying clothes or anything with him. And we’re trying to be as light as possible. But we’re not embarrassed about this lifestyle. People might not agree or even understand. But we’re all different and like our things in a certain way. Maybe we can still be friends anyway?

Author: 4wheelsonourwagon

A little family of four trying to do life differently..

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