A bit more about our story

We used to live in a Christian community house connected to Woodland Church in Bristol for almost 4 years. Really enjoyed it. Got to know a lot of people over the years. Have counted that we’ve lived with 18 different people. It’s a 7 bedroom house.


During this last year we started to feel a stirring happen for us. Should we root up and move to Denmark as a family? Lou is from DK so her family would very much like it, if we went there to live. But at least 6 months past, and we never got a proper sense what would be the right thing to do. So we decided to stay. Might have been “the easy choice”. As we wouldn’t have to root up relationships and say goodbye and move all our stuff. Find new jobs. A place to live. And start to build new relationships to fit in and feel like we’d belong.

But as we had already given up our room at the Shrub (that’s the house name), to give it to another couple expecting a child, we couldn’t really move back in. Or rather we could, but it would be to a smaller room. And then we’d have to pay rent again. Who wants that?!
– You see we had bought a van, for easy weekend get away’s and to transport costumers bicycles for Jonny’s bike repair business. A blue VW T4. Jonny did it up, from a builders van. Took around 2 months and then it was ready. Ready enough. So we decided to sleep out in the van, give up our big room, but still keep the little room for Casper and to have our clothes and stuff somewhere inside. So we stopped paying rent to our landlord, but still paid money into the house account for bills and food. This happened end of Sep/ beginning of October 2016.
When April came around, we had decided to stay.  And the landlord had made strong hints that we couldn’t keep up this arrangement of not living in the house, but still kinda living there. We had been telling people “we live at the Shrub, but sleep out in our van”. So we had to make another choice. We went for it and bought a different van. A bigger one. A gray Fiat Ducato Maxi. This was a much better choice as we can actually stand up in it. The other one we wouldn’t be able to live in. Could have put a pop-up roof in it, but even then that wouldn’t be enough space. We joked that we VW could actually drive into this one and fit comfortably.

In June we gave our notice and 7th of July we were out. From there we went straight to a campsite with our friends the Bee’s to test it out and call ourselves nomads.

So this is the ‘quick’ overview of why we are in this van. There are more nuances and deeper stories within this, and we might share in later posts along the way.

Please stay with us and follow along. Comment with questions or remarks. Are we crazy or would you love to do the same one day?

Author: 4wheelsonourwagon

A little family of four trying to do life differently..

5 thoughts on “A bit more about our story”

  1. “You have just taken your first step into a larger world Luke.”

    Or should I say driven your first proper van into a whole new way of living.

    I think it’s great. I would be tempted to move to Denmark if I had the chance. I think the Brexit effect is going to make a huge difference in the next few years.

    Where’s your stuff? Can you de ” stuff ” your life?

    Keep posting what happens!

    Love Russ x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Russ!

      Yes, most of what we need is here in the van with us. We still have some things back at the Shrub, we need to go through to see if we’ve missed it or will need it soon. – so yes we are trying to de-stuff our life. :0) have you heard of the Minimalists movement ? You should check it out.


    2. Hey Russ..great to hear from you.. Denmark is tempting but having decided to live in the van for the foreseeable it might be tricky as DK has huge tax on vehicle imports and it’s illegal to live in a van there too.. Killjoys!
      Our stuff now lives with other people via eBay.. A big clear out was had.. Really painful to. Let go of some stuff but better off without the clutter. Some stuff still in the community house to go through though.. Hope you’re well. Xx


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