Denmark and beyond.. European trip part 2.. Scandinavian Park

Having left the other side of Hamburg.. Oh, by the way, what an amazing city to pass though in the early hours.. The autobahn passes right though the shipping container port with its huge cranes and eeire floodlights.. Anyhoo, having got the other side of said’burg we stopped for the night at a rest stop.. Very romantic, just opposite a burger king. A few other vans parked there so we figured it would be safe to sleep.

Next morning we headed for the border but not before stopping at an irresistible watering hole for the Danes… Scandinavian Park, a huge warehouse filled with lots of goodies that the Danes have to pay lots for due to taxes,  but the Germans can sell to the Danes at German prices. We stopped in to have a nose around and inevitably found our trolley full of contraband by the time we reached the queue for the checkout.. Chocolates, fizzy drinks and all the other stuff the Danes get stung for.. We felt very satisfied.. Until we got to the checkout.. In fact past the checkout just as we were about to pay. The cashier kindly informed us that British people can’t buy anything from the store, only Danes!.. At which point we pulled our trump card.. Louise Is Danish!.. Could we prove it?.. No.. The passports were in the van outside.. Oops. A swift run from Me, to the van and back again, resolved the issue although we were not popular with the guys behind us in the queue. It was worth it though for such crazy cheap prices.

Author: 4wheelsonourwagon

A little family of four trying to do life differently..

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