Non-van life, part 2

I feel so disappointed.

Homer is still not fixed.

This weekend it’s been 11 weeks since he broke down; a cold snow covered March morning on the Downs in Bristol.

Green Flag tried to fix it, but couldn’t. So they moved him to a garage of our chose. They spent somewhere around 5 weeks trying to discover what was wrong .. also with no luck. We did change a few bits though, which they thought might do the job, but no.
Enough is enough; give us a bill and we’ll take it elsewhere. We felt like they were just getting paid by wasting our time, guessing at different things there could be wrong.

Have you ever had this feeling?

So off to another garage who is a bit more electronic savvy. However they wanted to spent 15 hours (at £75/h) to unpack the whole engine to really get in there and see what’s wrong. In this 15 hours was also included packing it back together again, but not the time for sorting out what they might find. (!) So we kindly said no thank you and looked around for refurbished engines instead. These guys looked around for us as well, but only found places that was way more expensive.
We found a good fair priced one in Bedfordshire. So 6 weeks in, its now in their hands. We’ve agreed a set price, but payment will happen once it’s finished! They told us it should take 10 working days. That’s their usual turnaround time.

So we moved in to some church friends of ours for 1 week. This was our 2nd place to stay, as the first one was asking for rent, and we felt like we couldn’t actually afford that as well as this massive garage bill. And then we spent the other week in Denmark. A flight trip that was booked a while ago. Over to see the new nephew. This was mentioned in my previous post, see it here, if your interested.

3rd house was planned and booked in before we left for DK, from Monday to Thursday we told them, as that’s when Jonny would be able to go up (via a lift) and collect the van (if it’s finished).

However Wednesday comes around, and we manage to get in contact with this garage, but it’s not finished. So lift is not needed and we have to ask the house if we can stay a bit longer.. but who knows how long?

Looking at train tickets, the cheapest one around was around £70-80 (for a single!!). Too expensive for us. So Spilt Ticketing to the rescue! It’s a ticket buying website that base the prices on many separate journeys. As if you bought each section on the train or train station, like in the olden days. This came to a total of £25. Much better. So tickets booked for Sat the following week.

However, can you guess what happens?? That’s right, it’s not ready!!

~ Until the next update ~

Author: 4wheelsonourwagon

A little family of four trying to do life differently..

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