Day ..think it’s day 5, but it’s Saturday.

Catch up time. Time here in Denmark seems to go especially fast. It’s probably the holiday factor and possibly due to the three of us laying low for 2 days with a nasty stomach bug 🐛 🤮. Anyway we’re past that now and a couple of slices of Kanel Stæng have confirmed that i am fit to eat junk food again.

Casper had the bug day one and two, Lou days two and three-and me days three and four so a perfect overlap! We have been to Ribe, Denmark’s oldest city (1300+yrs) which was stunningly gorgeous and so clean and well preserved without being at all ‘touristy’.

Cobbled streets and pretty rose strewn cottages and houses around every corner. Obligatory visit to cathedral..Casper got told off by an elderly lady who said he was too noisy….really? Who’d have thought it!

We parked for free in a designated area for camper vans and motor homes 5mins cycle ride into the town. Nowhere like this in the UK.

Guess what. Yes. Yes. Of course, we met a couple from…Westbury on Trym Bristol. Nigel and Sue who are traveling around Scandinavia for FOUR MONTHS! We’ll probably bump into them again as they’re doing the same coastal loop as us.

Seems like that’s the way it goes wherever we go in the world-there’s always someone from home right next door.

An hour and a half from Ribe now and we’ve found more free camping right next to a fjord where Casper is happily up to his ankles at the very small beach 🏖

Also here are a French couple we met in Ribe in their VW T3.

There showers(cold) and toilets (clean) and two small huts that you can shelter in and have lunch! Plus bbq space and bicycle pump and tools as we’re on the cycle path around the fjord.

Just been watching the biggest and oldest kite surfer I’ve eve seen have the time of his life out on the water. Gives me hope.

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