Choosing our name

Your van has to have a name.

Nobody has told us this, but it’s just a thing that you do.

Lou said “how about calling it home” jokingly, because it is our home. We’ve chosen to leave the ‘Normal 9-5 life style’, for van life. But more about that in another blog post.

So Jonny thought for a bit and said “Let’s call it Homer” [thinking of Homer Simpsons, because he loves it. He and he’s kids from previous marriage, has constant running jokes about the Simpsons].
Next line was, “That works. Also because of the Odyssey. The massive journey we are on as well”. Lou just looked at him blankly. She hasn’t been properly educated about the Greek mythology. What did they teach you in school back then? 


So ‘Homer’ it is.

Sticker is on it’s way. Delivery back in Bristol. When we get home, a picture will be added.

Author: 4wheelsonourwagon

A little family of four trying to do life differently..

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