The Jam Pot and Back again.. 

Time on our own is precious, and yet somehow I felt like I needed permission to seek it.. Lovely Lou was obliging and so I set off to see the sea on this pooh style blustery day..

Amazing surf and four crazy windsurfers on the beach;I set off for coffee and cake as promised by the blurb on the campsite recommendations.. Off to the Jam Pot Café, an repurposed ancient circular coastguards hut.. Not disappointed.. Seriously where can you get a large mug of coffee and the world’s nicest lemon drizzle cake.. And I Mean a huge slice,   plus an awesome view for £3.80..certainly not in Bristol!

I kicked off my sandals and Sat determined to relax and take my time.. Why is that so difficult?.. Stopping is hard. I did My best but the call of the beach was too loud even over the rushing wind. I hit the sand still with sandals in my hands and set off down the beach, running parallel with the high crumbly cliffs, stacks and caves. Finally the cliffs descend like a staircase into the sand dunes, providing a safer way back to the van, across the dunes past strange plants plentiful rabbit droppings and mossy grass(must wash feet later). I remember reading an article last week about the benefits of walking barefoot.. I mean this is not new age  bull, scientists are saying walking barefoot connects us to the earth, reduces stress, keeps us healthy, helps to promote weight loss, hair growth and reverses the aging process.. Possibly.

An amazingly powerful squall barrelled up behind me on the dunes and suddenly I was soaked.. Head for the van.. Warmth, a loving greeting for the weary traveller..memories stored of cake and caves and barefoot wanderings.

Author: 4wheelsonourwagon

A little family of four trying to do life differently..

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