I don’t like fireworks. This is what I’m going to talk about today. 

Today is ‘Remember remember the 5th of November’. Which is known as ‘Guy Fawkes Day’ or ‘Bonfire Night’. You might all know the story of Guy Fawkes and the men who wanted to kill King James 1 and his parliament members to restore England back to being Catholic. If you didn’t know the story, here’s a synopsis..
They planned to blow up the parliament with gunpowder, on this day, because every MP and the king would be present together. So Guy Fawkes placed and stayed with the gunpowder until they were ready to get started. But the plan got rumbled and they were all caught. A member of the team had a friend working in the parliament, so he sent him a letter warning to stay away on the 5 November 1605. But the Kings men got hold of the letter and then searched the whole building and found Fawkes in the under croft of the parliament. 

This event was from then on commemorated every year. But not during the war! It was thought that indoors celebration was better to avoid being seen by the enemy. So hand sparklers was used. Until 1959 it was even Illegal Not to celebrate this failed murder attempt. But it’s still being celebrated today. My question is: Why? 
But I just don’t like fireworks. And there are a few actual reasons to go with it. These are my options, and it’s gonna sound like a total kill-joy. You are free to love fireworks as you did before you read this. Don’t mind me. And don’t get me wrong if I’m already standing by a window that has a good view I will watch for a minute or two. 

In no particular order at all: 

  1. It’s all basically the same. You go uhh – ahh – wow, but when you’ve been watching for a few minutes, it’s not gonna change much. 
  2. It leaves a cloudy mist in the sky around you. Sort of like pollution. Messy. 
  3. The little wooden sticks are left all over the streets. Also messy. 
  4. They Are Dangerous! I have heard so many stories of kids playing with this and loosing their fingers. In the news the other day was the little girl who got her neck burnt because it got court in her scarf.
  5. I was ‘chased’ by a fireworks when I was younger. Either a fountain that came off and went after me, or maybe a ground spinner. It was very uncomfortable. 
  6. Dogs and other pets get frightened. And babies get disturbed in their sleep.
  7. You are basically blowing up money. Shooting it up to the sky for a moment of – wow. 

This pretty much sums it up why I won’t be going out tonight to a bonfire event. Or yesterday.
And yes, my opinions are the same for New Years Eve. 

Enjoy yourself. And stay safe!

Ps. Guy Fawkes was sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered on 31st of Jan 1606, but fell off the scaffold shortly before his execution and broke his neck, there by avoiding the painful process there were to follow. If you’d like to read more here’s a link to Wikipedia. 
We’re also going to watch the new BBC show about this ‘Gunpowder plot’.

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