Quick getaway

It was Friday afternoon, Jonny had just gotten back from work, driving the delivery van. The sun was shining beautifully in Bristol, and we were overlooking the sea wall and the goats up on the Downs. Casper loves those goats. Climbing on the fence over looking from the entrance, counting as he sees them.  Thinking ahead for the weekend, we see there is nothing planned, except for doing breakfast for church on Sunday and a dedication after.
— A free Saturday?! Let’s head to the beach! Back to Rhossili Bay we go! We were there on Hillend Campsite the first weekend of the season back in April. 

On the way, we realise that it would take 2.5 hours or more to get here, so we drove for 1h 1/2, and stopped over in a Mumbles car park. £6 for 24 hours. I’m sure it was something like 8pm when we arrived. And being by the seaside, the thing to eat would be fish and chips, no? So we walked up the main road and decided on a side road to the left. There were pubs on the main road and a Chinese further up. I thought that we could risk walking for hours just looking for somewhere to eat. So we consulted the Internet. We were on the right path. Johnnies were further up this way. Another left and we were there. Casper led the way. 
Back to Homer quickly to eat. And before you know it it’s 21:30 and way past Casper’s bedtime. But being so late, he was tired and ready to sleep, so it took no longer than 15 min all in to change him into sleep clothes and get his milk down him and he was away into dream land. Another 12 mins and we were in bed as well. But to watch the first episode of new season of Stranger Things. 

Next morning. 

Jonny and Casper woke up and played a bit. Let me sleep more and drove off to the other seaside. 35 mins and we were there. It’s so lush to wake up somewhere just amazing. I took this picture when I had gathered myself a bit, but still not left the bed. 
Jonny got Casper dressed and he could get off out to play in the puddles in the car park here. 10-20 mins later he comes back jeans all socked and wellies full of water. This is before 9am! 

We gather ourselves a bit and remember that Casper has a winter suit. 

There are so many people coming to the beach to do surfing, or walk their dog or just walk, because it’s nice. 

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A little family of four trying to do life differently..

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